6 Things Pop Century Experts Would Never, Ever Do in Disney World

By admin May2,2024

Pop Century Hotel experts would NEVER make these rookie mistakes!

Pop Century Resort

Disney’s Pop Century resort is one of the most popular resorts at Walt Disney World. The value resort has one of the most interesting histories of any of Disney resorts, and has developed a devoted fanbase thanks to its theming, decor, Skyliner access, and comparative affordability. There are certain things these Pop Century experts would never do. 

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Request a Room in the 90s Section

While from a theming and decor standpoint, the 1990s section of Pop Century is arguably one of the resort’s coolest — seriously, the gigantic laptop with a permanent 1999 homepage sends our nostalgia sense into overdrive — it’s also arguably the least convenient area at the resort to stay. It’s far from both the Classic Hall (AKA the lobby building where the food court and bus stops are located) as well as the Skyliner station.

90s Nostalgia

 Instead, request a room in the 60s section. There may be a preferred room charge, but it’s worth it as this section is within a short walk to both the Classic Hall and the Skyliner station. 

Fold Down the Second Bed Unless Necessary 

Some of Pop Century’s rooms contain a Queen-size bed as well as a Queen-size pull down bed. Now, if a traveler has a party size that requires pulling down the second bed, then they absolutely need to. However, if they only require one bed, leaving the pull down in the “up” position gives a ton of space to move around the room, and generally makes it feel much larger. 

This table becomes a bed

Head to the Skyliner When it FIRST Opens

The first of two Skyliner entries on our list. It may be tempting to head to Skyliner as early as possible, however this can be a mistake. Crowds tend to gather early, leading to LONG and often sprawling lines. Instead, wait about 10 minutes after opening, as the system moves fast enough that even during a high demand time the line will have dissipated somewhat by then. 

Skyliner Station

Not Use the Skyliner to Get to EPCOT or Hollywood Studios

The Skyliner is one of the biggest perks to staying at Pop Century, as the reliable system provides a quick and aesthetically pleasing way to head to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, as well as several other Disney hotels. There’s no reason to either drive or ride share to either of those parks if the Skyliner is available. 

Skyliner gondola system

Plan to Eat at the Food Court after Staying at Magic Kingdom Until Close

While getting to EPCOT or Hollywood Studios from Pop Century is quite convenient, traveling back and forth to the Magic kingdom is… not. The park and hotel are far apart, and — especially at closing — the buses are packed, as are the transportation options to get to the Transportation and Ticket Center for anyone thinking of driving or ride sharing. In other words, the odds are slim at best that a guest would be able to stay at the Magic Kingdom until the end of the park’s day and make it back to Pop Century in time to grab dinner at the Everything Pop food court. 

Sometimes Disney transportation just isn’t fast enough

Skip the Tie-Dye Cheesecake 

Speaking of the food court, no Pop Century expert would stay at the hotel without enjoying its trademark tie-dye cheesecake dessert at least once!

Tie-dye Cheesecake

It’s just FUN!

Pop Century is one of Walt Disney World’s most beloved resorts, especially at the value level, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t mistakes to avoid when staying there. Stay tuned to DFB for more Walt Disney World hotel tips. 

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Oh boy, planning a Disney trip can be quite the adventure, and we totally get it! But fear not, dear friends, we compiled EVERYTHING you need (and the things to avoid!) to plan the ULTIMATE Disney vacation.

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, our insider tips and tricks will have you exploring the parks like never before. So come along with us, and get planning your most magical vacation ever!

Have you ever stayed at Pop Century? What mistakes would you advise others to avoid? Let us know in the comments below. 

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