Project Mugetsu Ichimaru Clan Guide

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Ready to shoot to kill? Want to be fast on your feet? Sick of getting poisoned or stunned into oblivion? Then the Project Mugetsu Ichimaru clan is the name to go for. Want to know all the bloodline has to offer? Read on. Our guide explains the clan system, and gives you a rundown of the buffs an Ichimaru gets access to.

Project Mugetsu is out now on Roblox. We have a Project Mugetsu Tsukishima clan guide for another interesting family line.

Project Mugetsu Ichimaru Clan Guide

First, we’ll talk about what clans are and why they’re important in Project Mugetsu, and then we’ll outline the specific clan’s buffs and rarity.

About Clans

Your second name in Project Mugetsu isn’t just a cheeky Bleach reference, it denotes your clan. Some clans don’t bring anything with them, but rarer ones may have absolutely ridiculous buffs that superpower your character.. and then there’s everything in between. You can reroll your clan via the customization screen if you have any rolls left over.

The Ichimaru Clan

Ichimaru is a clan of Legendary rarity. This means you have a 4% chance of rolling one with any clan roll. You don’t get a 4% chance of rolling Ichimaru, mind you. The category is shared with five other clans: Hitsugaya, Jaegerjaquez, Hisagi, Shihoin, and Unohana.

The clan is inspired by Gin Ichimaru. It brings speed, sword skills, and special resistance.

The clan buffs are as follows:

  • Poison immunity.
  • Faster running speed and extra flashstep in a sequence.
  • Paralysis resistance – Stuns inflicted on the character are ~30% shorter.
  • Increased maximum Reiatsu capacity.
  • Resistant to damage from swords. Sword attacks do ~75% of the damage they’d do to a character without the buff.

Should put a smile on your face. Maybe even a spooky, nearly permanent one. Don’t keep your eyes closed though, that’s got to impact your PVP skill.

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