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While there are tons of abilities to unlock, our Project Mugetsu ability tier list looks at them all as a whole.

Load up the game via the official Roblox page and unlock some new abilities! For more on Project Mugetsu, read our Project Mugetsu Quests guide.

Project Mugetsu Ability Tier List

Written in brackets, the ability type is noted next to the name. This is so you can quickly figure out if the ability is in regard to your character or not!

S Tier

The best abilities across the board!

  • Ryujin Jakka (Shikai)
  • Nozarashi (Shikai)
  • Ichimonji (Shikai)
  • Zankai no Tachi (Bankai)
  • Nozarashi (Bankai)
  • Shun Shun Rika (FullBring)
  • Kamishini no Yari (Bankai)
  • Los Lobos (Resurreccion and Segunda)
  • Murcielago (Resurreccion and Segunda)
  • Arrogante (Resurreccion)
  • Fear (Volstanding)
  • Flashstep
  • Air Walk
  • Triple Crescents
  • Punch Leap
  • Garganta VL (Hollows only)
  • Flash Cero (Hollows only)
  • Triple Arrow (Bow)
  • Trapping Arrow (Bow)
  • Arrow Gate (Bow)
  • Shadow (Quincy)

A Tier

All of the abilities in this tier are super strong, so don’t hesitate to use them!

  • Kamishini (Shikai)
  • Senbonzakura (Shikai)
  • Minazuki (Shikai)
  • Deathdealing (Volstanding)
  • Minazuki (Bankai)
  • Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (Bankai)
  • Thunderbolt (Volstanding)
  • Tormenta (Resurreccion)
  • Tiburon (Resurreccion)
  • Pantera (Resurreccion)
  • Senkaimon (Soul Reaper only)
  • Santa Teresa (Resurreccion)
  • Flash Escape
  • Haien (Soul Reaper only)
  • Byakurai (Soul Reaper only)
  • Almighty Thrust (Fist)
  • Kick Crash (Fist)
  • Blade Thrust (Sword)
  • Bakaudo 1 (Soul Reaper only)
  • Multi Barrage (Fist)
  • Sheathed Slashes (Sword)
  • Arrancar Roar (Hollows only)
  • Chain Pull (Hollows only)
  • Cero Gates (Hollows only)
  • Bullet Cero (Hollows only)
  • Speeding Arrow (Bow)
  • Exploding Arrow (Bow)
  • Quincy Sword (Quincy)
  • Shadow Gate (Quincy)

B Tier

Whether it’s a Shikai ability, a Resurreccion, or a Bankai, these abilities are pretty average.

  • Hyorinmaru (Shikai)
  • Daiguren Hyorinmaru (Bankai)
  • Gravitas (Resurreccion)
  • Bakaudo 104 (Soul Reaper only)
  • Bakaudo 8 (Soul Reaper only)
  • Bakaudo 61 Rikujukoro (Soul Reaper only)
  • Dual Kick (Fist)
  • Bicycle Kick (Fist)
  • Blade Smash (Sword)
  • Bala Barrage (Hollows only)
  • Gochutekka (Soul Reaper only)
  • Bakaudo 9 Horin (Soul Reaper only)
  • Sword Jabs (Sword)
  • Reishi Reinforcement (Quincy)
  • Bala (Hollows only)
  • Cero Stomp (Hollows only)
  • Arrow Volley (Bow)
  • Ginto Grenade Toss (Quincy)
  • Geldschrank (Quincy)

C Tier

No matter what type of ability they are, they’re weak all around.

  • Zangetsu (Shikai)
  • Volcanica (Resurreccion)
  • Explosion (Volstanding)
  • Bala Toss (Hollows only)
  • Ginto Gritz (Quincy)

D Tier

The worst abilities of all types in Project Mugetsu.

  • Tensa Zangetsu (Bankai)
  • Brazo (FullBring)

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