How To Get Forest Nymphs Blade In Demon Piece

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Wondering How To Get Forest Nymphs Blade In Demon Piece? We’re here to help! Our guide explains How To Get Forest Nymphs Blade In Demon Piece and what the Forest Nymph Blade is, as well as the perks that come with getting it.

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How To Get Forest Nymphs Blade In Demon Piece

The only way to get the Forest Nymphs Blade is by destroying trees. You can use different weapons to do so, or you can use a Tremor Devil Fruit to make it go quicker. Although it may seem time-consuming, it can be fun exploring different areas and using different weapons to break down the trees.

Unfortunately, getting a Tremor Devil Fruit is easier said than done. The Tremor Devil Fruit is of legendary rarity, meaning the chances of obtaining it are slim. If you want to test your luck, make your way to the Demon Fruit Shop on the island. If you are lucky enough to come across one, be prepared to spend a lot of money… legendary items don’t come cheap!

Luckily, the Demon Fruit Shop does restock during the day, so you can also keep coming back to check if it comes in stock. While you’re waiting for a restock… it’s probably best to get back to chopping trees to see if you come across the Forest Nymphs Blade that way.

Forest Nymphs Blade Abilities

Apart from looking good, the Forest Nymphs Blade comes with great abilities too! Once you obtain the Forest Nymphs Blade, you get:

  • Mastery Level 95
    • 20% max HP replenished for yourself or someone else in your party
  • Mastery Level 175

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