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By admin May1,2024

Rumours of Hi-Ri Rush being released on the Nintendo Switch were swirling around long before Microsoft ever announced that it would be launching on PlayStation. Now, we’ve gotten a semi-official confirmation that Hi-Fi Rush is indeed coming to Nintendo’s console.

PEGI (Pan European Game Information) is the official rating board for games within Europe. Any new game being released in Europe has to be submitted to PEGI to get an age rating. Its therefore a highly trustworthy source of information because it would be extremely peculiar for a non-existent game to somehow be rated.

The official PEGI page for Hi-Fi Rush has been updated to include the Nintendo Switch under the release dates and platforms section, seemingly confirming that its real and not being held back for the Switch 2 like many people thought. There were some rumours that the Switch version had been cancelled entirely. It’s not uncommon for games to get a PEGI rating and never actually release.

Oddly though, the PEGI listing mentions both the Switch and PS5 versions as being released on 30/04/2024. The PS5 version was, of course, released on March 19, 2024 after Microsoft announced plans to bring four of its games to other platforms. Microsoft has yet to reveal how well Hi-Fi Rush has done on Sony’s machine.

Rumours that Hi-Fi Rush would come to Switch began when data miners discovered an outfit that seemed to relate to Nintendo’s machine. However, when a Switch version was not announced alongside the PS5 version, people began to wonder if the Switch release had been pushed back or even cancelled outright in favour of a Switch 2 port, whenever Nintendo finally gets around to releasing its next-gen console.

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