A Dusty Trip Van Guide – Should You Take The Van?

By admin May1,2024
Feature image for our A Dusty Trip van guide. It shows the view of a player character driving the van into a dust storm.

When you start a game of A Dusty Trip, you have one big choice to make. Do you rebuild the small car, known as the Lada, or do you rebuild the van at the back of the house? This might seem like a minor thing, but it might be the difference between miles covered, and your bleached bones decorating the side of the road. Okay, maybe I’ve been a little dramatic, but read our A Dusty Trip van guide before you set out, it might influence what you pick.

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A Dusty Trip Van Guide

Let’s talk about putting the van together, and its upsides, and its downsides.

Assembling The Van

Image for our A Dusty Trip van guide. It shows the proper engine placement position for the van, between the front seats.
Proper engine placement.

The van is not a lot more complicated to put together than the car. You apply the same parts, as listed in our guide on how to drive in A Dusty Trip, and you can find all you need in the starting house. The main difference is rather than placing the engine under the hood, you place it between the front seats. This can make putting oil in a little awkward.

The van runs on gas, just like the car. Don’t fuel it with diesel unless the engine permits it, it will break.

Pros Of The Van

The van has several advantages that would-be road trippers should know about.

  • Extra seating. The van can seat up to six players comfortably, making it the go-to choice if you’re playing with a big group.
  • Storage space. The van can hold more items inside, making it easier to load and carry cans of fuel, oil, or food.
  • Speed. While it may be a surprise, the van is actually faster than the car.

Cons Of The Van

While it brings some good points, make sure to keep the less helpful aspects of the model in mind.

  • One headlight. There’s only one headlight for the van in the starting house. If you want two full beams you need to find a spare out on the road, and that will probably mean braving the mutants in a ruin.
  • Bigger. The van is larger and you may have a harder time avoiding hazard with it.
  • Awkward engine placement. The site between the front seats can make refilling the oil and replacing the engine a bit awkward.

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