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By admin Apr30,2024

This Project Mugetsu Best Race Guide tells you the best race including what makes it so powerful and versatile versus the others. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for updates when rankings shift through future updates!

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Project Mugetsu Best Race Guide

Project Mugetsu has revived with a fresh update, shifting the racial rankings. If you’re rejoining the experience or starting for the first time you’ll want to get a head start with selecting the best race. Selecting the correct race is critical for your playthrough, races determine your playstyle, abilities, movesets, and so much more.

Best Race – Soul Reaper

Update 2 caused the previous best, Quincy, to fall off. Whilst that race was overpowered before, it has now been nerfed heavily and Soul Reaper has quickly filled that gap. Soul Reapers are the current best race in Project Mugetsu because of the numerous upgrades this faction enjoys. For example, having Vizard as a Soul Reaper puts you at a similar calibre as a Resurrection, without accounting for a Bankai.

However, add a Banaki to your Vizard and you’re Segunda level, or in short, OP. Now, Arrancars DO have access to a Segunda, but the effort to reach Segunda evol versus a Soul Reapers with their Vizard and Bankai is more involved.

Plus, Vizards enjoy some of the perks which make Arrancars so tanky such as Hierro and Cero Oscuras. Now, if you select Soul Reaper you won’t be OP by default. You’ll have to put in a bit of grind work to get those upgrades before you’re amongst the greatest. Soul Reapers are only the better race if the player has unlocked Vizard and a Bankai, otherwise, Arrancars are the better default race with no additional work.

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