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By admin Apr30,2024

Yesterday, Housemarque teased some sort of Returnal announcement for the game’s third anniversary. It successfully got people excited for a sequel or maybe an expansion.

Well, it turns out the announcement was for a graphic novel adaption courtesy of Dark Horse, along with an art book and an animated adaption.

Returnal: Fallen Asteria will launch in paperback on October 22. If you don’t want to wait, you can actually get it right now for free, in animated form. It’s just the first issue, but it provides a decent look at what we can expect from the full graphic novel.

“Selene must fight for her life against horrific hostiles that live beyond every shadow and a trail of distorted memories.” reads the official blurb. “Mystery shrouds the world of Atropos, and Selene begins to wonder: will she find the answer at the end of her journey, or is this nightmare inescapable?”

It seems like the book may add some new lore to Returnal as well. In a statement, creative director Gregory Louden said: “Returnal: Fallen Asteria is our bold extension of Returnal with a new story following Selene on Atropos from our team at Housemarque with Dark Horse Comics. This is a brilliant graphic novel you don’t want to miss that expands on our dark, deep and beautiful thriller, Returnal.”

The 224-page Art of Returnal will also be available on October 22.

This whole thing is a small lesson in the dangers of teasing an audience. The announcement of a new graphic novel and an art book is really cool for fans, but by teasing the announcement beforehand and timing it with the game’s third anniversary, people got hyped up for a sequel or expansion and so the reception has been rather tepid.

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