2023’s best space game just keeps getting better

By admin Apr30,2024

Everspace 2 is celebrating its one-year anniversary of graduating out of Steam Early Access, and releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with a major new update. The Incursions free update is out now, and it brings a tonne of new content to the game.

Incursions touches many parts of the core game, but it also makes a few interesting additions to the loot and action parts of the game.

For starters, the later portions of the Everspace 2 campaign now have larger battles to better align with the game’s narrative. The bigger news, however, is the new endgame Incursions activity, which is a horde-style mode that condenses the action and loot rewards for players who have been building their ships over the past year.

Ancient Rift mode has been updated, with newly added legendary loot to acquire, including cockpit modules and various ship components. Target-farming is now much easier, too.

If you’re playing on consoles, you’ll be happy to know that you can finally rebind controller buttons. By the same token, many other community-requested features have made it in with this update, including an increase to legendary item limits for loadouts, and a more involved photo mode.

And that’s one photo mode you’re going to want to use, because Everspace 2 has been upgraded from Unreal Engine 4 to version 5.3. Not only does this engine upgrade bring with it exquisite visual features like Lumen global illumination, it also means the game now supports a host of new tech. The list includes Nvidia Frame Generation (DLSS 3), AMD FSR 3.0, Intel XeSS and Nvidia Reflex for lower latency.

The engine migration also better positions the game for the future. Developer Rockfish Games – which recently claimed the prize for Best German Game at the 2024 Deutsche Computerspielpreis – also announced that it’s working on new “premium content” for Everspace 2, details of which will be shared later this year. This effectively future proofs the game while making it easier for the team to create new content.

The video above covers all the major features and additions in the Incursions update, but you can read the full change log on this blog post on Steam.

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