Baldur’s Gate 3 companions are being modded into Stardew Valley, so you can romance Astarion all over again

By admin Apr29,2024

A team of enterprising modders are looking to unite two of the internet’s favourite dating games – Baldur’s Gate 3 and Stardew Valley – in one beautiful thirst trap. The mod set to launch a thousands AO3 ships is Baldur’s Village, which transports your favourite adventuring companions to the pastoral climes of Stardew’s farming towns.

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The impressive project is more than a quick palette swap for Stardew’s villagers, introducing Baldur’s Gate 3’s Astarion, Shadowheart, Gale and Halsin as completely new residents in their own right, complete with highly detailed custom portraits that look straight out of actual Stardew, occupying a brand new custom map inspired by the Forgotten Realms: the titular Baldur’s Village.

If that wasn’t ambitious enough, the team plan to create a unique romance plot for at least Astarion, letting you once again feel the pointed teeth of the charming vampire on your supple, delicate nec- Ahem, anyway, they hope that more of the Baldur’s Gate 3 party will also be able to have dating options added in time.

“We are just a small team of amateurs, so speed is limited, but we will try to make more dateable characters if we could,” modder Xun shared on X.

For what it’s worth, the modders chose to let you date Astarion first and are prioritising other characters “entirely depend[ing] on personal preference” – but with Shadowheart being most players’ favourite companion to woo, according to Larian’s own data, you might expect to see the cleric get her own romance subplot soon enough.

Baldur’s Village, meanwhile, will be a completely separate map from Stardew’s original town, occupied by the new residents and featuring four new building styles created for the mod, filled with furniture borrowed from fellow modders Himetarts and Wildflour.

With just three developers – an artist, coder and scripter – working on the mod, the team are upfront in saying Baldur’s Village might take a while to arrive. Even so, Xun said that they hope to have it out before Baldur’s Gate 3 marks its first anniversary at the beginning of August.

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