After spending $15k on their Skyrim VR setup, one streamer has added a haptic suit just to feel pain

By admin Apr29,2024

A Skyrim VR streamer who spent $15,000 on a VR setup just for the Bethesda game has added a new element into the mix: actual pain.

You ever feel like video games don’t feel real enough to you? Sure, you can put on a headset and experience games in first-person thanks to VR tech, but you can’t feel anything exactly. There’s always putting on a haptic feedback suit, but even then, something’s missing… The true way to experience a game is to feel the very pain your character is feeling, something that Skyrim VR and Fallout VR streamer Gingas has decided to put themselves through for the sake of entertainment (thanks, GamesRadar).

GingasVR has already done a bit of work to make Skyrim VR a bit more of an immersive experience, which she put around $15,000 into, alongside some mods for things like physics and more accurate body movements via three Vive trackers. She also uses a fan to simulate wind and weather, and she does have a haptic vest to feel all sorts of things. Now, as she shared in a video earlier this week, she’s added another vest on top of that – one that electrocutes her anytime she feels pain.

As she explains in the video, she’s wearing an “OWO suit… a haptic feedback device that produces real pain in VR using electrodes that go directly on your skin. It shocks you with electricity depending on what happens in the game. It’s very painful.” And very painful it sure does look, as when she gets into some scrapes in the video, she truly does belt out some screams. The moment she takes on a dragon seems like genuine agony, so better her than me I say. Hey, at least it’s something to do while we wait for The Elder Scrolls 6, right?

By admin

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