What are you playing this weekend?

By admin Apr28,2024

It’s finally spring! Huzzah! But instead of enoying the outdoors like you should, it’s the weekend, which means you’re probably planning to catch up on Fallout or Shogun. But when you’re finished binging, why not pop in a game and continue the relaxation? That’s our plan.

Of course, some of us have finished both series and despite starting an American Horror Story marathon, a few games need to be played because our Steam and Game Pass list is getting longer by the day.

Here’s what some of the VG247 crew are getting into this weekend:

WoW Classic: Cataclysm trailer

Watch on YouTube

Connor Makar, Staff Writer – World of Warcraft Classic

This weekend promises to be a blast. I’m diving deep into World of Warcraft Classic in anticipation of the Cataclysm pre-patch. The pre-patch period is always exciting, and with the game leaping from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion directly into the revamped world of Cataclysm, there’ll be tons of new content to explore.

To top it all off, it’s also Evo Japan weekend, a premier fighting game tournament. I’ll be catching some matches whenever possible! So, with vanilla ice cream in hand, I’m looking forward to relaxing and thoroughly enjoying a lush time.

EA Sports FC 24 welcomes you to the most true-to-football experience ever.Watch on YouTube

James Billcliffe, Guides Editor – EA Sports FC 24

My wife is away and I have already become a hikikomori by staying up late to watch black-and-white samurai films until well past bedtime.

I still have loads of Kobayashi and Kurosawa films to binge (including all nine hours of The Human Condition), so there won’t be much gaming in my house. When I fancy a break though, it’s TOTS time in EA Sports FC 24.

The logic of having the Team of the Season weeks before the end of the current season is questionable, yes, but it’s perfectly in keeping with the flawed logic that brings me back to EAFC 24 in the first place.

I just can’t wait to crack open those “free” packs to be disappointed, yet again, before going back to whatever else I was doing.

Fallout 4 Launch TrailerWatch on YouTube

Mark Warren, Senior Staff Writer – Fallout 4 next-gen update

Yeah, that’s right! I’m doing exactly what everyone else isn’t – playing the base version of Fallout 4 again while being reminded that it’s a perfectly okay game.

I’ll run around the Wasteland a bit, muck about with some power armour, shoot some raiders, talk to some NPCs, and build a crappy house. Some of it’ll be kinda new.

Time will pass. I’ll never get it back. But that’ll be fine because there’ll have been ten million worse ways I could have spent it than by playing Fallout 4 again.

Underground Blossom – The Lab – Research Facility – Official TrailerWatch on YouTube

Rebecca Jones, Guides Writer – Honkai: Star Rail, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Rusty Lake

After playing a bunch of short-ish and narrative-heavy games recently, I’m back on a bit of a kick for some titles I’m not sure I’ll ever put down, and have been checking in with Honkai: Star Rail and Animal Crossing: New Horizons almost every day this week.

I’ll probably spend some time this weekend enjoying this rush of enthusiasm while it lasts, but I’m also eager to check out the recent updates to Underground Blossom and The Past Within, the latest two Rusty Lake games. Both games have received rare post-launch story updates to celebrate the series’ ninth anniversary on Saturday, so it’s time for this lore goblin to start theory crafting once again.

Manor Lords is now available in Early Access on Epic Games Store, GOG, Microsoft Store, and Steam.Watch on YouTube

Stephany Nunneley-Jackson, News Editor – Manor Lords

I have been itching to play Manor Lords since it was announced because as you know, I am really into strategy builders. Obviously, I love a grand RPG or MMO, but sometimes you need a break from Skyrim and Lord of the Rings Online.

Manor Lords looks right in my wheelhouse due to its medieval setting, villager and resource management, building an army, battling enemy lords, conquering, you name it.

Plus, I couldn’t pass up the price either, because it’s on sale for $10 off, but only for the next two weeks.

I’ll let you know what I think of the game once I’ve spent a few hours with it. Let’s hope I am a good lord to my people instead of a single-minded warlord hell-bent on conquering and bending folks to my will. You never know which way I will swing, being chaotic neutral and all that.

American Dad
American Dad | Image credit: Underdog Productions / Fuzzy Door Productions / 20th Television / 20th Television Animation / TBS

Well, that’s us. What about you? What are you playing this weekend?

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