New ‘Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop’ Update Coming Tomorrow Adds Six New Characters, New Adventure Mode Map, Co-Op Play Battles, and More – TouchArcade

By admin Apr24,2024

Apple just revealed a few new updates coming to the service beginning tomorrow including Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop () getting its first major content drop since launching. If you’ve not played it yet, Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop is the first Puyo Puyo localized release in a long time, and it plays really well on iPhone and iPad. If you’re curious about the game itself before the update, read my detailed interview about the gameplay, controls, music, the series, and more here. The update launching later today or tomorrow depending on your timezone brings in six new characters (Shezo, Accord, Draco, Lidelle, Risukuma, and Ally), a new Adventure mode map, episodes for the new characters, co-op play battles, and new music. Here’s a sample of the new music.

Aside from Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop, Cooking Mama: Cuisine is getting a Mother’s Day event with strawberries, both Crossy Road Castle and Solitaire Stories will get Apple Vision Pro spatial updates, and we also have more coming to Stitch, Zookeeper World and more. Check out Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop on Apple Arcade here. Head over to the official Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop website here for more details and screenshots on the update. I’ve been enjoying Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop quite a bit on iOS and will be checking this update out tomorrow. What do you think of Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop if you’ve been playing it so far?

By admin

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