Fallout season 2 will feature, er, that iconic location, but you don’t need to worry about your headcanon

By admin Apr24,2024

Amazon’s Fallout show set up a fan favourite location from the games, though it’s sounding like you don’t need to worry too much about your own headcanon.

Big spoilers ahead for the end of the Fallout series.

With the knowledge that the Fallout show would be set in what once was California, fans were of course wondering if one particular area from the games would show up or not – that being New Vegas, obviously, given that they’re neighbouring states. And as shown right at the end of the series, Lucy’s dad Hank has stormed his way over to New Vegas in a piece of power armour, presumably setting up that we’ll be seeing a lot of the locale in season 2 (which was confirmed last week). If you were one of those people making that presumption, you’d be right! As co-showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet recently spoke with GQ, where they briefly spoke about New Vegas as a season 2 setting.

“All we really want the audience to know is that things have happened, so that there isn’t an expectation that we pick the show up in season two, following one of the myriad canon endings that depend on your choices when you play [Fallout: New Vegas],” Wagner said. “With that post-credits stuff, we really wanted to imply, guys, the world has progressed, and the idea that the wasteland stays as it is decade-to-decade is preposterous to us. It’s just a place [of] constant tragedy, events, horrors – there’s a constant churn of trauma. We’re definitely implying more has occurred.”

Essentially, it’s sounding like they won’t point in any one particular direction when it comes to New Vegas’ numerous endings, which seems like a wise choice given how… particular some people can be over that sort of thing. At the very least, this seems like good news for Mark, who thinks that the series should be making some big changes, even if war supposedly doesn’t.

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