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New to the game? Read through our Blue Lock Project World Champion guide to learn more about the basics for beginners! I’ve also covered the main bits of information regarding the initial matches and Training sessions.

Visit the official Blue Lock Project World Champion Twitter page to keep up to date with announcements. We’re ecstatic to now finally have the ability to play the game, which is why we have a Blue Lock Project World Champion Codes guide ready for you all, as well as a Blue Lock Project World Champion Tier List!

Blue Lock Project World Champion Guide

Firstly, there are a lot of visual novel-esque parts to the game. The overarching story replicates the same that we see within the anime and manga, so it’ll feel familiar to those of us who are already fans of the series. The usual buttons are there to tap, with the option to skip, auto-play, and check back on the log to read any text you may have missed.


During a match, you get text boxes at the side that detail each move that happens – including Skills, and who the ball is being passed to! The dialogue between characters will also flash across the screen, alongside the character’s portrait, and is also fully voiced by the original cast.

Keep in mind that matches are automatically played out, but you eventually unlock the ability to speed them up or skip them entirely. Once a Player Skill activates, you need to slide the puzzle piece across the screen to power up the skill.


When new to the game, I recommend spending some time in the Training room – the button for this can be found on the main screen. You then select the character from your roster that you wish to train. Each Training session requires 100 Stamina! Make sure to keep an eye on the overall Condition of a player. The lower the Condition, the fewer stat boosts you get from Training. This is when you select the ‘Break’ option to improve their Condition!

So, you have your main Training player, as well as the Support Players, and Support Cards. There’s also the case of Workout Gear, which adds to the efficiency and improves the results of the Training session. You also have a chance of getting a bonus percentage at the end of a session.

There are 5 Training Drills to choose from, and each provides various stat boosts. The options are the Exercise Machine, Ultra Shuttle Run, Blue Lock Man Shot Practice, and Mental Imagery Training. For example, the Exercise Machine can increase your Physical, Speed, and Stamina stats.

Special Training Drills become available depending on the Support Players that you have chosen. Plus, Special Lectures can occur, that allow you to train an additional player. Special Lectures reward you with huge stat increases, so take part in one as soon as it appears! As your player takes part in Events and Special Training Drills, they will unlock new skills to use on the field.

Support Cards

Support Cards offer up Training Abilities, each of which leads to a special Support Event. Utilising the best Support Cards and Support Players is the best way to go when training!

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