Tower Of Fantasy Teams Up With Spy x Family

By admin Apr23,2024

The promotion of the Tower of Fantasy and Spy x Family kicks off on April 30th. Here’s the intel: Watch the Spy x Family movie trailer (specific locations to be confirmed). Enter a social media giveaway to win movie tickets and Spy x Family merchandise.

Dress Up And Get Rewarded!

Even if you can’t snag Anya’s psychic abilities or Yor’s assassin skills, you can still channel your inner spy with ToF’s character customization options. Here are the character IDs you’ll need to recreate the perfect Forger family:

  • Yor Forger: 12274704
  • Loid Forger: 12407753
  • Anya Forger: 12407720

Show off your cosplay creations on social media, and you might win some awesome prizes! The ToF team acknowledges that some Wanderers might hope for a deeper in-game collab. While there aren’t any plans for that right now, they encourage everyone to enjoy the movie and the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

A Story Of Family

The Spy x Family promotion goes beyond just a movie tie-in with Tower of Fantasy. The story of the Forger family resonates with many players. Like in ToF, where Wanderers forge bonds in a strange new world, Spy x Family explores the found family trope. Even though the Forgers are undercover, their love and connection shine through.

Even in a fantastical world like Aida, there’s a place for family. The Spy x Family promotion is a lighthearted nod to the importance of connection, even when undercover missions or post-apocalyptic adventures keep us busy.

Beyond the Mission, It’s a Touching Story! The promotion’s visuals and message go beyond just a movie tie-in. Additionally, they capture the essence of Spy x Family’s heartwarming story about a makeshift family coming together.

Specific details about the social media giveaway and movie locations will be announced closer to the launch date. Follow the official ToF Twitter page for the latest updates.

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