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By admin Apr23,2024
Our Demon Blade codes guide. It shows an in-game screen of a New Demon on a snowy landscape.

Out of race rerolls? Short of cash? Maybe just want to level up as fast as possible? Well, Demon Blade codes are a blessing for every single one of these. Promo codes are codes sent out by developers that you redeem in-game for currency, items, and boosts. We’ve managed to round up all the functioning ones in Demon Blade, along with how to use them.

Want to try out Demon Blade? It’s out right now on Roblox. Looking for other codes? There’s a Demon Piece codes guide to try for yourself, too.

Demon Blade Codes Guide

Right, now let’s talk code redemption.

Active Codes

Here’s where any active codes go. Codes tend to expire after a short amount of time, so it’s best to fill your boots as soon as you can. We’ll try and tidy up the guide from time to time and remove any expired codes, but if one isn’t working, that’s the most likely reason.

  • SuperNB – $1,000
  • JayZhou – Double XP Boost for 30 minutes
  • DEMONSLAYER1000 – 5 Race Rerolls, $5,000
  • DC1000 – Epic Scroll, Double XP Boost for 30 minutes.
  • LETSGO – Stat Reset, $10,000
  • TOWNUPD – Stat Reset, Double XP for 30 minutes

All of these are tested in-game and confirmed working at the time the guide was made.

How To Redeem Codes

Not sure what to do with the codes? No problem! Below we’ve outlined precisely what you need to do to get the rewards from each of the codes.

  • Open Demon Blade.
  • Hit ‘Play’ and load into the main area.
  • Once in-game, hit the small gear wheel icon in the top left near the chat icon to open the Settings.
  • There’s a text box at the bottom of the Settings window.
  • Enter codes into the text box.
  • Hit the blue-framed button marked ‘GET’.
  • If the code is correct you should get green text pop-up saying you successfully redeemed a code.

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