Kwalee Ventures Into Casual Gaming With Text Express: Word Adventure

By admin Apr22,2024

Kwalee, the British video game developer and publisher, is now diving into the Casual gaming scene with Text Express: Word Adventure. In case you don’t know, they’ve published hits like Teacher Simulator and Airport Security with over 1 billion downloads on mobile.

Teaming up with Story Giant Games, Kwalee is taking on this casual award-winning game. With over 12 years in the business, Kwalee knows their stuff. They’re now looking to expand their game lineup and starting their journey with Text Express: Word Adventure.

On the other hand, Story Giant Games is known for crafting emotionally gripping stories that players love. Until now, they took care of both the development and publishing of Text Express. The game was featured in Apple’s Game of the Day multiple times.

Ever Played Text Express: Word Adventure?

The game blends crossword puzzles with gripping tales. You’ll encounter a world where words are the key to everything. From friendships to adventures and from journeys to life. You follow the fearless Tilly on her trusty old train.

During this journey, Tilly uncovers mysteries and shapes your stories along the way. The game brings stress-free word searches, thousands of crossword levels and a magical world to explore. There are no time limits or penalties. Also, you get the chance to deck out Tilly’s train with some cool items.

Speaking of adventures, did you know that today is Earth Day? So, Text Express: Word Adventure is celebrating the day with a special live event! Titled Happy Earth Day, you can join Tilly and Eleanor on a mission to celebrate our amazing planet.

I guess with Kwalee on board, the game will drop more exciting events ahead. Grab the game for free on the Google Play Store. You can also grab some extra goodies as in-app purchases if you’re up for it.

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