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By admin Apr22,2024
Feature image for our Demon Piece codes guide. It shows an in-game view over Marine Island at night.

Off on another One Piece voyage in the world of Demon Piece? There are ways to get your pirating or privateering career off to an especially good start. Promo codes are a way to redeem special rewards from the developers, and our Demon Piece codes guide runs over the active codes, and exactly how to use them so you can use your time sailing and pillaging.

Demon Piece is available now on Roblox. Want some guides for other One Piece adaptations on Roblox? We’ve got a Legacy Piece codes guide, too!

Demon Piece Codes Guide

Here are the codes immediately below. After that come the redemption instructions.

Working Codes

Below are the active codes released by the Demon Piece developers. The codes for Demon Piece are pretty short-lived, with many expiring after only a day live. For that reason, if a code doesn’t work it’s probably expired! We’ll try and clear out expired codes regularly as they’re not super helpful.

  • 3KLIKES – Double Mastery EXP for ten minutes.
  • 300KVISITS – Double drops for ten minutes.
  • SORRYFORLAG – 100,000 Beli.
  • PERFORMANCEFIX – Double EXP for thirty minutes.
  • FOLLOWTWITTER – Stat Reset.
  • RELEASE – Double Mastery EXP.
  • DEMONTIMING – 1,000 Beli.

Keep in mind that the EXP and Mastery boosts do stack in Demon Piece, so you can input all of the codes at once without having to worry about wasting your code. That’s a relief!

Code Redemption Process

So you’ve got the codes, what do you do next? Good question! Below we’ve outlined the steps for redeeming the promo codes in-game.

  • Open Demon Piece.
  • Load into the main game.
  • Open the Menu by hitting M or tapping the three horizontal lines
  • Hit the gear icon to open the Settings.
  • Scroll down the Settings to the bottom to find a text box underneath a Twitter bird icon.
  • Type or paste codes into the text box.
  • Hit Enter.

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