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By admin Apr22,2024

Last month, Cassette Beasts had a showase air with publisher Raw Fury and developer Bytten Studio confirming that it is coming to mobile soon. The showcase also revealed that the long-awaited multiplayer mode for the PC and console versions of Cassette Beasts will be arriving in May with a beta available on Steam. Cassette Beasts feels perfect on Steam Deck, so I hope it plays well on mobile when it comes to visuals and performance at least. Over the weekend, as spotted by TouchArcade forum member Brightsiderus, the iOS version of Cassette Beasts has gone up for pre-order on the App Store. This listing confirms it being a free to start game and has a June 4th release date listed. The mobile port is yet to be dated so treat this as a placeholder release date for now. If you’ve not played Cassette Beasts yet, watch a gameplay video for the amazing monster collecting RPG below:

On PC and consoles, Cassette Beasts is priced at $19.99 with the Pier of the Unknown DLC priced at $6.99 and the cosplay cosmetic pack priced at $1.99. On iOS, the App Store lists the Cassette Beasts full game unlock in app purchase price at $6.99. The Pier of the Unknown DLC is priced at $2.99 with the Cosplay Pack priced at just $0.99. The pricing on mobile is a lot better than other platforms. You can pre-order Cassette Beasts on the App Store for iOS here. Google Play pre-registrations are not up yet. The screenshots on the App Store show some of the touch controls as well.

Cassette Beasts is now available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox. I recommend checking it out on Steam Deck if you have the option because the PC version is way better than both consoles even now. I covered the Switch port of the gaem here. I also featured Cassette Beasts as the best monster collecting game on Steam Deck in 2023 as well. The game’s aesthetic, music, and gameplay shine the most. I’m looking forward to playing it on iPhone 15 Pro and iPad Pro whenever it is available. Have you played Cassette Beasts before and will you be checking out the mobile version?

By admin

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