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Some of the prices for the Kaiju are pretty high, making it difficult to decide which ones you want to unlock. Use our Kaiju Arisen Tier List to work out which you want to purchase first, saving you currency, and giving you the upper hand in battle!

Stomp over to the game’s official Roblox page to try out a new Kaiju! While you’re having a gander at this tier list, don’t forget to check out our Kaiju Arisen Codes guide as well to see if there are any fresh freebies.

Kaiju Arisen Tier List

There are lots of Kaiju to experiment with in Kaiju Arisen. However, you need to unlock them before you can head out onto the battlefield. So, it’s best to know which are worth saving for, and which are worth leaving until last. The different Kaiju have their own abilities and strengths, so if you prefer one that has been ranked in a low tier, that doesn’t mean they don’t work for you!

S Tier

The top-tier Kaiju to play as in Kaiju Arisen. Most of the Kaiju in this tier are expensive, but there may sometimes be exceptions.

  • Shining Construct-01
  • Mecha Dinosaur
  • Mecha Titan

A Tier

You’ll be coming out on top in battles if you use these Kaiju, and luckily, they’re not always overly expensive to purchase.

  • Brawling Snowstorm
  • Magma Mutant
  • Lance Angel
  • Ultimate Cataclysm

B Tier

Despite some of the prices, these Kaiju are quite average in terms of power. It’s a 50/50 whether or not you’ll win a fight when using one of these!

  • Bladeface
  • Nuclear Ancestor
  • Throttle Puma RR
  • Nuclear Dinosaur
  • Legendary Titan
  • Lowest Point Disaster
  • CyberDragoon

C Tier

Monsterously bad.

  • Avian Cyborg
  • Wild Dinosaur

D Tier

Not even scary.

  • Massive Cephalopod
    • Free or 750 if you didn’t pick it as your starter
  • Mutated Abomination

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