The DFB Team Is DIVIDED Over This Controversial Snack Debate and We Need Your Opinion

By admin Apr18,2024

A MASSIVE debate is raging within the DFB team, and we need YOUR HELP to settle it!


Disney Adults are no strangers to debate. While we are in sync on so much when it comes to Disney and the Disney parks, some things keep us divided. We can come to an agreement every once in a while, but some debates only lead to further division. Such is the case with a current debate happening that we need your help settling!

The Disney Adults here at DFB are locked in a heated debate — which Pop-Tart is better: frosted or unfrosted? Be the deciding vote!


A super popular breakfast snack (and regular snack) among practically everyone, Pop-Tart pastries come in many different flavors, and you can get them frosted or unfrosted. Versions of this treat have even made their way over to the Disney parks in the form of Lunch Box Tarts at Woody’s Lunch Box. As the snack’s popularity refuses to wane, so does the debate — is unfrosted better than frosted or vice-versa?

2023 Fourth of July Lunch Box Tart

Let’s get into the arguments!

One of our reporters said eating an unfrosted Pop-Tart is like eating “an Oreo without the cream.” In fact, they felt Pop-Tarts should get even more creative and think outside the box for their next release.

To quote Disney Channel’s Johnny Tsunami and one of our reporters, when it comes to frosting on Pop-Tarts, you gotta “go big or go home.” Others said that the crust without the frosting just isn’t very tasty. The word “cardboard” was thrown around….

Pop-Tart Meme

Shots fired

Of course, the pushback came swiftly. Other members of the team talked about how they don’t miss the mess of frosting. One even admitted to only eating the Pop-Tart crust around the frosting on some occassions. “I’m the person who will buy a pie crust and just sprinkle cinnamon sugar on it but fill it with nothing. I like CRONCH,” they said.

Another reporter stood on business, saying they will always choose savory over sweet and that people who prefer unfrosted Pop-Tarts “don’t need the added sugar because we ARE the added sugar.”

The shade!

This fiery debate rages on here at DFB. Tastebuds will be insulted, friendships will be lost, and empires will fall. We MUST discover which is better, and we need your voice to settle it!

2022 Pop’t Art: Modern-designed sugar cookie with chocolate-hazelnut filling

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Which side of the debate do you fall? Make your voice heard in the comments below!

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