Reporter by Day, Secret Agent by Night: L’Abysse Project Begins Beta Test!

By admin Apr18,2024

L’Abysse Project has begun its beta test, allowing players to dive into a world of espionage and thrilling card battles. You’ll collect cards to build your deck and battle through the story. The beta testers report a simple but fun battle system, so strategic gameplay shouldn’t overshadow the engaging narrative. L’Abysse Project injects some humor into the classic spy story. It is a highlight to watch your character switch between their goofy reporter cover and their cool secret agent persona.

The story unfolds like a dynamic comic book, with branching narratives that react to your decisions. Every choice you make pushes you down a specific path, earning you “Duty” or “Justice” points. These points likely influence the story later on, so pick wisely!

Become a Double Agent

Experience what it might be like to be a covert operative working in a foreign country while pretending to be a reporter. You have been tasked with investigating the unexplained passing of a fellow worker. However, this is different from your typical job as a reporter. As you explore further, you will come across a cast of people, each of them has their own secrets and reasons for doing what they do.

 The L’Abysse Project’s core gameplay revolves around turn-based card battles. While the combat system is still refined in beta, it promises to be engaging and accessible. But the show’s true star is the story, which unfolds like a captivating motion comic, complete with distinct personalities for both your undercover reporter persona and your true, more serious secret agent self.

Beta Test Underway, Official Release on the Horizon

The L’Abysse Project beta test is underway on DMM Games, a Japanese digital platform. However, fret not! The official release will be available on more familiar stomping grounds like Google Play and the Apple App Store. There’s yet to be a word on a global release, but keep your eyes peeled for updates on their official website!

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