Reaper 2 Best Race Guide

By admin Apr18,2024

Why settle for anything less than the best? My Reaper 2 Best Race Guide tells you my pick for the best race to be with reasons. Choosing the correct faction is huge for your future gameplay since each race enjoys unique lineages with varying strengths and weaknesses.

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Reaper 2 Best Race Guide

If you’re curious whether your lineage is the better of the bunch, or noseying around to check other player preferences then read on. Whilst I do provide reasoning for my best race choice, you could still disagree entirely which is absolutely fine. After all, the best is down to preferred playstyle and unique gameplay. This guide’s purpose is to help others choose a lineage, or learn which to avoid in combat.

Best Race – Soul Reaper

So, why Soul Reaper? Soul Reapers enjoy incredible base stats making them one of the better factions in Reaper 2. Plus, they tend to enjoy something new with each passing update being a rework or a new skill, which only pushes this race a further cut above the rest.

Aside from a dominating base, Soul Reapers can also extend their combos making it hard to escape an influx of powerful attacks when ensnared by one. Additionally, Soul Reaper players have access to multiple heals. So even if you feel you have an upper ground versus one, a Soul Reaper can still make a confident comeback after healing.

Most importantly are Soul Reapers Shikai. A unique power which offers a great damage boost regardless of its rarity. Naturally, the higher the rarity the better, but Shikai’s are still lethal regardless. Last but not least is the Bankai, another power exclusive to Soul Reapers which offers both a healing and damage buff. What more could they need to be the best?

Will The Best Change?

It’s not only, possible, it’s likely! As Reaper 2 updates and evolves the races may experience stat changes which buff and nerf them. As this happens, I’ll be here to update this Best Race guide so you always know which faction is ON TOP!

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