Home, Planet & Hunters Is A New Pixelated RPG Similar To Crashlands

By admin Apr17,2024

Home, Planet & Hunters is the latest RPG from Black Pearl Games, the developers who brought us the gritty street action in Brutal Street 1 & 2. With the new game, they’re taking us through the ruins of a world called ‘The Ring’ where you’ll gather a crew of hunters to defend your home.

It’s Now Out On Android

I shared the news when the game was open for pre-registration. Now, it’s available on Android. The story revolves around Ring, a once whole planet that’s seen better days. You step into the shoes of one of the eight hunters to fight the evil.

Link up, team up and protect your home planet after picking out your own squad of three from the lineup. Slash and bash your way through anything from gnarly monsters to rogue robots and other nasty things. Home, Planet & Hunters has a meaty combat system. There’s room for getting to know your hunters inside out. The Ring is your battleground, and its pixel art landscapes are there for exploration.

You get to play around with elements like fire and ice to zap and freeze your enemies. You also get a whole toolkit of elemental goodies that are pretty useful. Home, Planet & Hunters has a throwback retro flair I dig. With Black Pearl at the helm, there’s a decent shot this game could be a hit!

Ready To Tackle The 3-Person Squad Combat?

At launch, you have eight heroes to test drive. But the devs intend to add more characters to the lineup, so keep your eyes peeled. You’ll need to size up your enemies too because they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves.

So, if you love RPGs with pixelated art and strategic throwdowns, you might want to try Home, Planet & Hunters. Get your hands on the game by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

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