Fallout TV show spoilercast: what does it mean for Fallout 5?

By admin Apr17,2024

Warning: the video above contains loads of spoilers for Fallout on Amazon Prime Video, in case that wasn’t already clear.

The Fallout TV show is finally with us, and it’s been a roaring success by any metric. The reviews are glowing (including our very own), a second season is all but confirmed, and people are flocking back to the games having been reminded just how much they love the world of this bleak, beautiful, borderline deranged post-apocalyptic universe.

A close-up of The Ghoul smirking in Amazon's Fallout.
Whatever happens, I just want to see more of Walton Goggins acting his heart out. | Image credit: Prime Video

Still, it wasn’t perfect: though the consensus is strongly favourable, not everyone is completely enamoured with the show. More than a few viewers are concerned about the effect it has had on the continuity of the games, and some are even convinced that it has effectively deleted the beloved Fallout: New Vegas from the canon entirely. Which is patently untrue, but Reddit’s gonna Reddit.

Check out the video above for a full hour of spoilerific Fallout chat hosted by myself, with Ian Higton who we’ve pinched off Eurogamer, Alex Donaldson who is our associate editor and also the owner/creator of RPG Site, and Mark Warren who is a massive Fallout nerd and has spent a lot of time on VG247 covering the upcoming Fallout: London as well as other fan initiatives.

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