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Are there any Sols RNG Secrets? Yes! Amongst random glitches that get patched over time, these secrets are permanently in the game. As new secrets appear, I’ll add them to this guide!

Start your hunt for secrets by visiting the Sols RNG Roblox page. For more Sols content, check out our How to Unlock the Altar in Sols RNG guide, and our Top Ten Sols RNG Rarest Auras list!

Sols RNG Secrets

With each update, comes new secrets. But where can they be found? Before we get started, we’ve already covered one of the secrets in depth! Take a look at our Sol’s RNG Mountain guide to find the secret note.

Among Us Note

From Jake’s Workshop, look to your right and start walking ahead as if you’re going towards the platform obby. Walking past the two rocks until there’s a large crevice in the ground to your right. Stand at the edge of the grass and turn your camera so you can see the dirt wall beneath. You should spot a Post-it note with an Among Us character on it!


When you’re in Stella’s cave by the cauldron, look past her small hut to see a group of 3 eyeballs on the ground next to the wall. Apparently, there were 2 eyeballs post Era 6, but now there are 3! More could be added in future game updates, perhaps? It’s not the most exciting secret but it’s cool nonetheless, and very on-brand for Stella.

Secret Campfire

While exploring Stella’s cave, you’ll come across a waterfall to the right that flows into a long river throughout. Walking into this waterfall leads you to a secret room that has a mysterious campfire, a tent, a plushie, and drawings on the wall. These drawings are various pieces of art that feature anime girls, but who are they?


From the waterfall, walk to the right down the path of water. Keep walking to the further wall, and you’ll spot two candles and a framed picture on a beam above. The framed picture is of what looks to be a Roblox head, with star-shaped glasses and brown hair.

Altar Room

Head to the lava area within Stella’s cave and complete the short obby over the platforms – make sure not to fall into the lava! When you’ve completed the obby, you’ll be faced with a wall. However, you can walk through this wall to enter the secret altar room. There are multiple candles on a small platform on top of skulls, with words written on the walls, and a symbol etched into the ground.

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