Yes, you can call that Vault-Tec number from Amazon’s Fallout, but you might not like what you hear

By admin Apr16,2024

There’s a number from Amazon’s Fallout series that can actually be called, only the person that picks up doesn’t send all that pleased to hear from you.

Light spoilers ahead for the Fallout show.

Whenever there’s a phone number clearly shown in a piece of media, the first question should always be “does anything happen when you call this number?” A lot of the time it won’t lead to anything, as they’re often fake, but sometimes production companies will set it up so that when you call the number you’re met with a fun, in-world message. For example, actually calling Saul Goodman’s number from Breaking Bad will net you a fake message from his office, which is a fun one. Amazon’s Fallout series released just last week, and in the sixth episode there’s a flashback featuring Walton Goggins’ character performing in an ad for Vault-Tec.

The ad is about the vaults themselves, and has a phone number you can call: 213-25-VAULT (or 213-258-2858). As it turns out, you can actually call said number, or at least those of you in the US can – no guarantees it’ll work anywhere else. If you want to call it for yourself first, then don’t look at the video in the tweet above, or read on. For those of you who don’t want to risk some potential annoying hidden fee or just can’t be bothered, when you call up the number you’re met with the lovely tones of a man screaming for several seconds before it just hangs up on you.

It’s obviously not the kind of message you’d want to receive if you lived within the world of Fallout, but given the whole nuclear devastation thing, it makes sense in our world.

Unsurprisingly, the Fallout show has seen a lot of players jumping back into the games, with Fallout 76 even hitting a new concurrent player count peak record. And one fan has overlaid the show’s map of vaults across Google Earth so you can check out where they are in America yourself.

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