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If like me, you really want the Sol’s RNG Undead aura, this guide is for you! I’ve made sure to include the spawn rate of the aura, whether or not it relies on a specific biome, and how to get the mutated version.

Sol’s RNG is a unique Roblox game that is still in development. This means that further content may be added in future updates, but for now, the main goal in the game is to obtain as many auras as possible! You have unlimited rolls, and you can also craft items to increase your overall luck. In short, the endgame is being able to flex the rarest and coolest auras around!

To learn more about Sol’s RNG, you can visit the Roblox page! Did you know that there are quests to work through in the game? Take a look at our Sol’s RNG Quests guide to see what’s on offer.

Sol’s RNG Undead

Undead is an obtainable aura in the game! It’s quite sought-after due to its appearance, with a large green cross that stands behind you as green chains are attached to you from the ground.

How to Get the Undead Aura

To obtain the Undead aura, you need to get lucky with your rolls. The aura has a drop rate chance of 1 in 10,000, but it doesn’t require a specific biome, which makes it a little easier to get (kind of!). However, this means that there is no ‘Breakthrough’ chance for this aura due to it being available in all biome conditions at all times.

Undead: Devil Mutated Aura

Some auras have ‘mutations’, which basically means an additional variant. These mutated versions are a lot rarer than the original, and they are a much more enhanced version when it comes to the visuals. I’ve written up a guide for Sol’s RNG Mutated Auras if you’d like to find out more!

In terms of the Undead: Devil aura, your character grows glowing red wings and horns as they levitate in the air. Understandably, this makes it a pretty popular aura to obtain. This mutation has a drop chance of 1 in 100,000.

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