Souls Best Team – Who to Pick!

By admin Apr15,2024

Trying to put together the Souls best team? Well, I’m here to help with that. In this guide, I’m going to recommend the heroes that you should add to your party to create the ultimate team. That way, you can focus less on theory crafting and instead just play the game and have fun.

Souls is the latest mobile game by the masterful developer Habby, who is best known for Archero and You explore a beautiful world, recruiting heroes, and creating a party out of them. Then, you send them out into battles to earn currency and XP that you can use to boost them.

You can check out Souls on Google Play. We’ve also put together a Souls tier list, Souls best heroes, and tier list.

Souls Best Team

Now, let’s take a look at what I consider to be the Souls best team.


  • Kaion (place him in front of the enemy healer)
  • Richelle
  • Abala



Why This Team?

This team gives you a solid balance of DPS, support, and heals. Aolmond is capable of keeping your team’s HP topped up with his rich array of HoT effects, while Lulu will keep your active skills popping with her crazy high Energy generation.

Meanwhile, you have the best tank in the game, Richelle, keeping himself and the frontline alive with his Shields and self-healing ability, while Kaion, the best DPS in the game, ravages your enemy. We place him in front of the healer because his active can attack in a line.

This leaves Fleta, Lilith, and Dolucos to dish out the DPS. We want Dolucos in the backline as he can remove debuffs from your support units.

Souls Best Team – Alternative Options

You may want to keep your options open depending on the team you face. Perhaps you want more heals, DPS, or support. Well, here are the best options to keep your team topped up.


  • Benzel/Taros/Zagrako – alternative/additional tank


  • Milia/Sol – alternative DPS


  • Solina – solid single target healer
  • Void – alternative healer
  • Benzel/Carmen – alternative/additional DPS

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