Palworld is adding its own Pokémon Stadium mode with multiplayer PvP arenas later this year

By admin Apr15,2024

If you needed one more Pokémon comparison for Pokémon-with-guns survival game Palworld, you’re in luck! The viral monster-battling and -labouring game has teased a multiplayer arena mode arriving later this year, with more than a hint of Pokémon Stadium to it.

The forthcoming arena mode was teased during tonight’s Triple-i indie showcase event – and when I say teased, I mean it. We got a mere 10 seconds – including titles – of gameplay footage, showing multiple parties of pals lining up in a Colosseum-like arena next to their owners. Again, it’s all very reminiscent of Nintendo 64 classic Pokémon Stadium – albeit in a presumably legally-distinct way.

After we see the two parties lining up, the action then kicks off, with brief clips showing the groups of pals scrapping while the players dive between them firing off their guns/crossbows/whatever.

That’s about all we know, other than the arena mode will be arriving sometime later in 2024.

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Developers Pocketpair announced back in January that they were working on PvP arenas, alongside other features like endgame raid bosses – the first of which, Bellanoir, was added last week – and other additions like extra islands, bosses and building improvements.

Pocketpair have already said there will be a “larger, more content-packed update” released over the summer, which will add a new island, additional buildings and more pals to capture and stick in a weapons factory. Perhaps we’ll see this arena mode join that update, or maybe it’ll arrive a bit later in the year – either way, best start readying your pals for a fight.

By admin

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