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By admin Apr15,2024
Feature image for our Legacy Piece boats guide. It shows a sail boat off shore in-game.

What’s a pirate without a ship? What’s a marine without a ship at that? Basically, you’re not going on a seafaring voyage without anything to… fare the sea with. Fortunately, there’s a bunch of different craft available! Our Legacy Piece boats guide runs over each of them and hopefully helps you sort the flotsam from the jetsam.

Legacy Piece is available now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Legacy Piece races guide to sort out your character’s species, too.

Legacy Piece Boats Guide

Onto the boats!

How To Get A Boat

Getting a boat is a fairly easy process, wherever you happen to be. You just need to find a boat seller. He’s an NPC marked Ship Sailor. Interact with him to open the Ship Shop. You’ll need to part with either Beli or Robux to spawn a ship in. If you’re lacking in Beli you might want to fight some enemies or do some quests to fill your pockets.

Boats Available

Here are the current boats available in-game. We’ve added their prices where we’ve been able to find them.

Row Boat – 125 Beli

A no-frills ocean-going craft. Cheap, but can’t take a lot of damage or go very fast.

  • Health: 200
  • Maximum Speed: 30
  • Turn Speed: 15

Sail Boat – 300 Beli

A decent upgrade on the rowboat. Faster, heftier, and with space for some friends.

  • Health: 450
  • Maximum Speed: 45
  • Turn Speed: 22

Caravel Boat – 750 Beli

A decent sized vessel. Looks like a proper pirate ship.

  • Health 600
  • Maximum Speed: 60
  • Turn Speed: 30

Warship – 1500 Beli

A big and fancy-looking ship with a high price tag.

  • Health: 1500
  • Maximum Speed: 95
  • Turning Speed: 46

Striker – 1250 Robux

Gotta go fast.

  • Health: 750
  • Maximum Speed: 85
  • Turn Speed: 42

Coffin Boat – 2000 Robux

It’s a boat with a coffin on it. Great if you’re a vampire who wants to go sailing without turning to dust, probably.

  • Health: 850
  • Maximum Speed: 105
  • Turn Speed: 50

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