Remnant 2’s next DLC adds new Invoker archetype that harnesses the “mystic power of the jungle”

By admin Apr14,2024

I like co-op shooter Remnant 2, because it doesn’t pretend to be much more than what it is: a dodgerollathon where, in between dodge rolls, you fill demons with bullets. I’ve been meaning to go back to it, so it’s convenient that there’s more DLC arriving soon. Dubbed The Forgotten Kingdom, it adds a new Invoker archetype, fleshes out an existing jungle biome, and introduces more gear, more monsters, and the like. Yes, count me in.

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Arriving on the 23rd of April, The Forgotten Kingdom has you tumble further into the forests of Yaesha, a pre-existing area that’s getting new dungeons, new glowy areas, and a new storyline. According to the Steam announcement, you will “unravel the mystery of Yaesha’s lost tribe and a vengeful stone spirit called Lydusa, and her living stone constructs.” By “unravel”, I presume this to mean: obliterating them all and then stripping their corpses for materials and powerful loot.

One of the biggest new additions is The Invoker archetype, which harnesses the “mystic power of the jungle”. More details will be unveiled on this class in a separate announcement next week, but in the reveal trailer, we do see a character dressed up in cool druid-like armour and holding a crossbow. Going by jungle-themed powers in other video games, my money is on the Invoker having an area-of-effect spell that binds enemies in place with vines. I swear vines are video games’ most popular aggressive plant.

Of course, the update also adds new weapons and mods, new items like “amulets and rings”, as well as new bosses. One new enemy looks to be a large pot on four legs and one new challenge a horrible platforming section where you’ve got to dodge sawblades that whizz along walls.

A few months ago, Gunfire Games president David Adams said they’d be open to adding a new game mode in the future, perhaps a bit like the first Remnant’s roguelike survivor mode. “Maybe not exactly like Survivor, but something that scratches the same itch”. I know it’s not exactly the same, but as someone who gave Destiny 2’s new horde mode a whirl recently, I’m all up for modes that condense shootybang experiences into a manageable chunk of time.

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