Steam’s FPS Fest unloads a clip full of deals and demos for shooters next week

By admin Apr13,2024

Steam’s next week-long celebration will pay tribute to that most treasured of genres, the first-person shooter. The PC marketplace’s FPS Fest kicks off next Monday, letting loose a hail of discounts and playable demos for shooters that prefer things from the first-person perspective.

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Following in the wake of other occasional celebrations of popular genres, such as February’s Remote Play Fest, the FPS Fest will focus in on shooters where a first-person view is the only or default way to play, but otherwise won’t limit what that might include. According to Steam, there’ll be hundreds of games “of all kinds” included in the event.

On that point, the event’s trailer whizzes through the likes of tactical team-based shooters like Squad, nostalgic throwbacks to the ‘90s progenitors of the genre such as the Quake-like Ultrakill, shooters set against the ever-ubiquitous background of World War II including Verdun and Hell Let Loose (which only served to confim I would not last long in a war), and more fanciful spins on rippin’ and tearin’, like recent FEAR love letter Trepang2. The list includes plenty of familiar names in the likes of Far Cry 6, System Shock and Rust, as well as some lesser-known picks. Given their appearance in the trailer, expect those to get some kind of a price cut during the celebration.

Steam’s FPS Fest kicks off on April 15th – next Monday – and will run for a week through to the 22nd. During the event, there’ll be various discounts on shooters to snap up, plus some new demos to check out – you’ll find the whole lot over here.

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