Sol’s RNG Subzero Device Guide – How To Get 150% Luck

By admin Apr13,2024

Is it getting cold in here? That might be a good thing. Our Sol’s RNG Subzero Device guide goes over one of the newer pieces of equipment in the RNG guide, how to make it, and why you might want it around your wrist.

You can play Sol’s RNG now on Roblox. Want to learn more about gloves? Try our Sol’s RNG Left Hand guide.

Sol’s RNG Subzero Device Guide

Right. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

About The Subzero Device

Subzero Device is a glove item that’s worn on the right hand. This means you can’t wear it with any other right-hand glove items. That’s all other gloves apart from the Jackpot Gauntlet and the Gravitational Device.

Subzero really chills out your cooldown, and lets you stay frosty with a luck boost as well.

Rolling cooldown is decreased by 30% when you’ve got it equipped, and Luck is bumped 150%. These stack with your left-hand glove, too!

It has the second-highest constant Luck boost of any glove in the game, only second to the Galactic Device, and that needs quite a bit more prep to make.

How To Craft The Subzero Device

The Subzero Device is crafted at Jake’s Workshop, the small stall just in front of spawn. It requires a lot of Auras, more than you probably have inventory space for, but don’t worry! You can drop Auras in at the workshop and add them to the crafting recipe and they’ll stay there until you’re ready to redeem them. Easy!

To craft it, you’ll need to following Auras:

  • 5 Gear Basing
  • 2 Aquatic
  • 600 Crystallized
  • 60 Glacier
  • 20 Magnetic
  • 40 Precious
  • 10 Sidereum

Top Tip: Jake’s Workshop has an ‘Auto Add’ feature. You can tick for a certain crafting list that will automatically add Auras from your inventory into the particular crafting recipe. Nice!

Once you’ve loaded all the Auras in on the crafting menu, just hit ‘Craft’ and you’ve got it.

Then equip the gauntlet from your inventory.

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