BandLab With A Treasure Hunt? It’s Melody World, A New Title On Android!

By admin Apr13,2024

Why not catch some magical music notes while you’re out and about? Well, if gaming and music are the two loves of your life, then Melody World is perfect for you. Indie game developer Daniel Santer has just rolled out the game exclusively on Android, and it’s all about melody.

Tunes Mixed With Augmented Reality

Yes, Melody World mixes music with the help of AR. Wandering through the streets, you’ll be on the hunt for musical notes with a magic touch. If you collect enough, you can string them into a serious symphony.

Apart from hoarding notes in Melody World, you stumble upon all sorts of musical trinkets like stickers and crafting materials. If you have a knack for instruments, you get to virtually jam on a slew of them, from pianos to electric guitars and violins.

You can also deck out your avatar with a splash of colour for your hair, eyes and outfits. You can pick from a gazillion combinations, 44 for hair and 64 for eyes. So make your character as unique as your music taste. Why don’t you take a look at the trailer of Melody World below?

It Has PvP Challenges!

Melody World lets you create your own little tune and share it with friends. You can also snag a couple of your friends and dive into some Dungeons to face off against the bad vibes of malevolent Chords. Knock them out, and grab some awesome goodies.

Basically, Melody World is about using GPS to make your real-world strolls a musical scavenger hunt. So, nab those magical music notes and whip up some chords. Get your hands on the game from the Google Play Store.

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By admin

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