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By admin Apr12,2024

After putting some ice on your wrist? My Sols RNG Subzero Device Guide tells you everything you need to know about this gauntlet. From crafting to use, including if I think it’s one of the better gauntlets in the game!

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Sols RNG Subzero Device Guide

Added within Era 6, the Subzero Device is one of a few new gauntlets. As implied by the name, this iced-out glove’s material requirements are rather cold aura heavy. You can get started on crafting the Subzero over by Jake’s Workshop, the little shack with a red roof on the main island. Crafting the Subzero Device requires the following recipe:

  • x5 Gear Basing
    • x1 Common – 1 in 2
    • x1 Uncommon – 1 in 4
    • x1 Good – 1 in 5
    • x1 Rare – 1 in 16
  • x2 Permafrost – 1 in 24,500
  • x2 Aquatic – 1 in 40,000
  • x10 Sidereum – 1 in 4,096
  • x20 Magnetic – 1 in 2,048
  • x40 Precious – 1 in 1,024
  • x60 Glacier – 1 in 256
  • x600 Crystallized – 1 in 64

Once you’ve crafted the Subzero Device and equipped it you can enjoy a +150% luck boost and roll cooldown of 30%. Now you’re all set to achieve even rarer, flashier auras and stronger gauntlets! As is the cycle of Sols RNG.

How To Get The Subzero Device

Thankfully you can input materials over time without worrying about losing any. I’d recommend starting with crafting a weaker gauntlet than the Subzero Device to boost your base luck and gather the rarer auras which make up this device in fewer rolls. Try crafting the Luck Glove, Solar Device or Jackpot Gauntlet first. Moving onto the crafting of the Subzero Device, I’d begin with the Gear Basing requirements. Mainly because they are pleasantly easy to craft and not time-intensive.

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