Sol’s RNG Left Hand Equipment Guide

By admin Apr12,2024
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Don’t you sometimes wish you could equip more than one thing at once in Sol’s RNG? Well, you can! It all comes down to a new quirk in the equipment. Some go on the other hand! Our Sol’s RNG left hand guide goes over which gloves allow for parallel use. Handy! (Literally.)

Check out Sol’s RNG now on Roblox. We’ve also made a Sol’s RNG potions guide for other interesting items.

Sol’s RNG Left Hand Equipment

Let’s break it down.

About Left Hand Equipment

Left-Hand equipment in Sol’s RNG are items that you can wear on your left hand from the inventory. Yes, I know that sounds obvious but it’s actually quite important. You see, this means you can wear these alongside most of the equipment in the games, so that makes two sets of bonuses!

Current Left Hand Equipment

Here are the gloves that fit on your left hand, as of our last check.

Jackpot Gauntlet

This gives a 77% Luck Bonus, decreases roll cooldown by 7%, and gives 77 Gold whenever you roll a Jackpot. The Luck and Cooldown boosts stack with your right-hand equipment.

YOu can craft it at Jake’s Workshop with the following components

  • 7 Gear Basing
  • 77 Jackpot Auras
  • 77 Gilded Auras
  • 777 Rare Auras (That’s a lot of inventory space, fortunately, you can drop Auras off at Jake’s Workshop to add to your total.)

Gravitational Device

This is a slightly peculiar one. This glove boosts your bonus rolls, the boosted rolls that happen one out of every ten. Rather than a 10x Luck bonus, you get a 60x Luck bonus, which stacks with whatever you get from your other hand.

You can craft it at Jake’s Workshop with the following components.

  • 15 Gear Basings
  • 1 Gravitational Aura
  • 3 Bounded Auras
  • 5 Exotic Auras
  • 75 Magnetic Auras
  • 152 Diaboli Auras
  • 31 Sidereum Auras
  • 5 Nautilus Auras
  • 152 Precious Auras

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