Love Lucy’s unique pistol from Amazon’s Fallout TV show? There’s already a cool mod that adds it to Fallout 4

By admin Apr12,2024

Odds are if you’re a Fallout fan, you’ve either already blazed through Amazon’s Fallout TV show, or are dilligently working your way through the episodes when life allows. No matter how far you are in, one of the things you’ll definitely seen is the cool tranqiliser pistol being wielded by Lucy. If you a big fan of it, a new Fallout 4 mod is definitely for you.

If you’re somehow out of the loop, Lucy is the show’s vault dweller, and, from the moment she starts facing the terrors of the wasteland, she’s got a dart gun at her side, which obviously comes in quite handy at times. The weapon’s very futuristic-looking design definitely caught the attention of one veteran modder, who’s been working on bringing it to The Commonwealth for a little while now.

The modder in question is Neeher, whom we spoke to about his work on the upcoming Fallout: London earlier this year. This TV show gun is a standalone work from him, dubbed the ‘Select Blaster‘, to bring it in line with a lot of Neeher’s other Fallout 4 weapon mods.

“I saw the Vanity Fair article going over the Fallout TV show last year and I saw an image of the main character, Lucy, posing with this neat pistol weapon,” the modder explained. “Many people assumed correctly that it was going to be a tranquiliser weapon. I didn’t really want it to be just that though, this pistol looked more like an energy blaster to me!”

“So, this mod is my take on that weapon shown in the show. It can be a tranquiliser if you want it to be, it can be used as a Syringer, and it can also be an energy weapon too!”

So, yup, in line with that, the gun – which you can see in action by checking out the video below – starts by default as a dart shooter, but can be turned into a fusion cell-powered laser blaster at a workbench, if you fancy. There are also a bunch of other customisation options and mods for it, including some barrels and grips that’re purely cosmetic, allowing you to focus on making the gun look exactly how you prefer.

To get your hands on it, you’ll need to head to the Overseer’s office of Vault 114, which you might remember rescuing Nick Valentine from during the game’s main quest. Oh, and there’s a version of the mod for Xbox One too, which you can find here.

If you’re waiting for Fallout: London, another cool mod, to drop later this month, the good news it that it looks like the team behind it already has a plan in mind to deal with the effects of Fallout 4’s freshly revealed next-gen-update.

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