Zenith RNG Auras List – All Auras

By admin Apr11,2024

Zenith RNG’s Alpha has arrived, and of course it’s all about the Auras. The easiest, the rarest, and the ones that look the most drippy. Well, rather than tell you which we’ll try and get as many as we can so your can make the choices yourself! Our Zenith RNG Aura list sets out to document the different Auras the game has to offer, and how rare they are. We’ll even include pictures where we can… our luck probably isn’t quite up to some of the more elusive ones just yet.

You can play Zenith RNG for yourself on Roblox. We’ve got a Zenith RNG codes guide too.

Zenith RNG Auras List – All Auras

Let’s get into the Auras.

Common – 1 in 2 roll chance

A floaty grey haze around you. Looks kind of dull, but what do you expect for 1 in 2?

Uncommon – 1 in 5 roll chance

Looks like Common with a few green sparklies.

Rare – 1 in 10 roll chance

Looking a little more fancy. A blue ring around your feet and blue flames.

Epic – 1 in 25 roll chance

A bright purple pulsing Auras around your feet and body. Neat!

Starful – 1 in 70 roll chance

A star around your feet, rising little stars, and an all-round celestial glow. Pretty!

Cupid – 1 in 130 roll chance

Cupid Aura for our Zenith RNG Auras guide.

Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame- Cupid definitely got you with this Aura.

Tidal – 1 in 300 roll chance

Tidal Aura for our Zenith RNG Auras guide.

Bursts of blue splashes look super clean, in more ways than one.

Frost – 1 in 500 roll chance

Frost Aura for our Zenith RNG Auras guide.

Chill out, it’s a frozen Aura that prints a snowflake underneath you, and gives you a pair of icy horns.

Nature – 1 in 850 roll chance

A green and eco-friendly Aura with floating blossoms.

Fairy – 1 in 1500 roll chance

Fairy wings and a fairy wand, you look like you’re about to go turn someone’s pumpkin into a carriage so they can go to the ball.

Toxic – 1 in 2,500 roll chance

A poisonous green Aura that also stamps a biohazard symbol onto your chest so everyone knows to keep clear.

Omniscient – 1 in 4,000 roll chance

The eyes have it. With this Aura you cover your eyes, but it seems like you can probably see just fine.

Plague – 1 in 15,000 roll chance

Someone call for a doctor? This one puts you in a freaky beaky plague doctor mask, and the skulls don’t make me think he’s going to cure me.

Starless – 1 in 75,000 roll chance

An incredibly cool, dark Aura with chains running down from a purple nebula.

Supernova – 1 in 1,000,000 roll chance

A big rarity jump sees you floating in space with the neutron stars.

Empress Of Light – 1 in 5,000,000 roll chance

Take flight on some rainbow-colored wings. You deserve it for rolling that high.

Crusader – 1 in 30,000,000 roll chance

The rarest one we’ve heard of so far, this beast of an Aura brings floating magic swords, and a spiky barrier that forms around you when you stand still to keep all the lesser Auras away. That’s what we assume it’s for, anyway.

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