Sol’s RNG Gauntlets Guide – With Gravitational Device And Windstorm Device

By admin Apr10,2024
Feature image for our Sol's RNG gauntlets guide. It shows Jake's Workshop in-game.

Are you empty-handed? You should do something about that! There’s lots of equipment in Sol’s RNG that will massively help your chances once it’s equipped on your wrist, and that’s what out Sol’s RNG Gauntlets guide is for.

You can play Sol’s RNG right now via Roblox. Want some more guides for the game? Check our guide on how to find all eggs in Sol’s RNG for a belated Easter surprise.

Sol’s RNG Gauntlets Guide

Our list covers all items worn on the hand, which is admittedly most of them. We’ve not limited ourselves to things formally referred to as a ‘gauntlet’. We’re mavericks like that.

These can all be crafted at Jake’s Workshop, and have the parts needed to craft them listed below.

Luck Glove

Gives +25% Luck when worn, worn on the right hand.

  • Gear Basing
  • Divinus Aura x2
  • Crystallized Aura
  • Rare Aura x3

Lunar Device

Gives 15% faster cooldown between rolls. Worn on the right hand.

  • Gear Basing
  • Rare Aura
  • Divinus Aura
  • Lunar Aura

Solar Device

Gives a 50% Luck boost when worn.

  • Gear Basing
  • Rare
  • Solar
  • Divinus

Eclipse Device

Gives both the effects of the Solar Device and the Lunar Device.

  • Lunar Device
  • Solar Device
  • Eclipse

Jackpot Gauntlet

Gives you a 77% Luck boost when worn. Increases rolling speed 7%, and gives 77 Gold when you roll Jackpot.

  • Gear Basing x7
  • Gilded Aura x77
  • Jackout Aura x77

Exo Gauntlet

Gives 100% Luck boost when worn and lets you roll 20% faster.

  • Gear Basing x3
  • Gilded Aura x3
  • Precious Aura x2
  • Undead Aura
  • Exotic Aura

Galactic Device

Gives a 250% Luck boost when worn. Lets you roll 25% faster.

  • Galaxy Aura
  • Eclipse Device
  • Sapphire Aura x 100
  • Solar Aura x15
  • Magnetic Aura x62

Subzero Device

Gives a 150% Luck boost when worn. Lets you roll 30% faster.

  • Gear Basing x5
  • Permafrost Aura x2
  • Crystallized Aura x600
  • Aquatic Aura x2
  • Glacier x60

Gravitational Device

Bonus roll is now a x60 Luck boost when worn.

  • Gravitational Aura
  • Bounded Aura x3
  • Exotic x5
  • Magnetic x75
  • Diaboli x152

Windstorm Device

Gives a 115% Luck boost and lets you roll 25% faster when worn.

  • Gear Basing x5
  • Wind Aura x25
  • Stormal Aura x1
  • Aquatic Aura x 1
  • Sidereum Aura x4

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