Snyder Cut 2? The Justice League director thinks he can “fix” his widely panned Sucker Punch

By admin Apr10,2024

He’s trying to do it again, folks: Zack Snyder wants another shot at his generally poorly received 2011 film Sucker Punch.

Whenever people talk about Sucker Punch, the only thing people ever really mention is how bad it is. I’ve never actually seen the film, but my general consensus of it is that it’s an occasionally cool-looking but dull film void of any character or engaging plot. Overall it doesn’t sound like a film that could be fixed with a re-edit, but Snyder thinks otherwise. The Justice League and Dawn of the Dead director recently spoke with Empire in a big new interview, and he was asked if there were any of his movies he’d want to change anything about, but the only one that came up was Sucker Punch.

“The only movie I would change is Sucker Punch, because it never really got finished correctly,” Snyder said. “Even the director’s cut is not really the correct cut. It’s really just an extended version. If I had the chance, I would fix that movie.” Snyder seemingly didn’t elaborate how he would fix it, but there’s apparently more of the film never released that would allow him to do so. “I have the footage already shot: they just have to let me put it together. We ask every now and then. We have to ask again. I think there has to be a window when no-one’s got the movie.”

Of course, Snyder famously got a chance to re-edit the also quite poorly received Justice League film, which he was originally directing, but had to leave part way through production, only to be replaced by one of the most insufferable directors around, Joss Whedon. Fans then campaigned for the “Snyder Cut” of the Justice League, which came out and was generally much more welcomed by fans. On that point, Snyder also said of Sucker Punch that if fans “want to start a campaign, that’s alright,” though I doubt we’ll see as much fervour for it to be honest.

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