Azur Promilia’s PS5 Trailer Still Gives Android Gamers Reasons To Be Excited

By admin Apr10,2024

Azur Promilia is an exciting new title from Manjuu, the developer behind Azur Lane, which is generating a buzz for its new trailer with a unique blend of gameplay inspired by Genshin Impact and Palworld.

While a recent trailer focused on the PlayStation 5 version, Azur Promilia is set to arrive on Android and iOS devices. So, mobile gamers can look forward to exploring a vast fantasy world filled with friendly creatures and epic battles.

Familiar Features, Fresh Take

If you’ve sunk your hours into Genshin Impact, the combat in Azur Promilia might feel like coming home. Imagine a breathtaking world alongside adorable creatures who can be your friends, partners in battle, and even miners and farmers! That’s the kind of experience Azur Promilia is cooking up.

The trailer showcases characters riding and even flying on their creatures, adding a whole new dimension to exploring the vast landscapes of Azur Promilia. The movement seems more fluid, with dodging and sliding adding a layer of strategy to battles.

But Azur Promilia offers more freedom of movement than Genshin Impact. Players can be seen dodging enemy attacks with jumps and slides, adding strategic depth to the combat.

And, of course, what good is an RPG without epic ultimate skills? The trailer teases flashy close-up animations as characters unleash devastating attacks on their enemies.

Also, your creature companions won’t just stand around looking adorable. The trailer hints at creatures fighting alongside you and potentially unleashing their special attacks. One of the most important features is the ability to ride your creature companions.

Early Days, Big Potential

With the hugely popular Palworld currently unavailable on PlayStation 5, Azur Promilia looks poised to fill that void for console gamers. The trailer gives us a glimpse of adorable creatures working together and exploring, features that will resonate with Palworld fans.

With its charming companions, exciting combat, and mobile availability, it has the potential to be a big hit. Given Manjuu’s track record with mobile titles like Azur Lane, a mobile version of Azur Promilia is already in the works. Stay tuned to their official website for upcoming updates!

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