Afterimage: Amnesiac Girl Beats Dead End…Literally, Now On Android!

By admin Apr10,2024

All you daredevils, listen up! When Afterimage came out, it was a massive hit with PC and console players, now it’s finally available on Android! Engardin is a vast, linked world that you can explore. In this colossal metroidvania, you can discover its secrets, fight scary enemies, and pick your way. 

Choose your path as Renee, a young person who has lost her memory and is on a mission to find her past and save everyone. A deep RPG system lets you change how you fight, meet many different characters, and make decisions that will change the world and decide what will happen to Engardin. 

Afterimage for Android has beautiful graphics, an exciting story, and deep RPG mechanics for hours of fun and rugged adventures.

Enhanced Controller Compatibility

Despite the smooth gameplay experience reported by many users, some players have encountered issues with controller compatibility. Specifically, users have reported discrepancies between their selected button mappings and the actual in-game actions performed.

The developers are working to address these concerns and ensure full compatibility. Furthermore, the update addresses a mono audio issue in specific videos and resolves a transparency glitch affecting the character Renee when changing outfits.

They optimized image quality with adjustable settings for a smooth and visually stunning experience. Also, bug fixes have ensured a stable and enjoyable gameplay experience. They have enhanced audio quality now as well.

Feedback and Reviews

Players have compared Afterimage favorably to other beloved titles in the genre, praising its depth and replay value. Despite criticism regarding storytelling and occasional dead ends, many players appreciate the game’s reminiscent vibes of beloved titles like the Souls series.

One player expressed excitement over the mobile release, noting its smooth performance on mid-range smartphones and seamless controller compatibility.

On the other hand, a user lamented performance issues on the Switch version, expressing a willingness to switch to alternative platforms to enjoy the game without technical hindrances. Join the community by downloading the game on Google Play!

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