Cooking Wonderland Global Is A New Cooking Sim Sprinkled With Fantasy

By admin Apr9,2024

Rolling Games just soft-launched a new game on Android called Cooking Wonderland Global. If you’re in Australia, The Philippines, the USA, Brazil, India or Malaysia, then you can get your hands on this game from the Play Store.

Another Cooking Game?

Yes, but it’s a bit different. Cooking Wonderland Global has all the recipes of a typical restaurant sim, but with a pinch of fantasy. The game lets you run an ancient eatery, where a plate of 9999 trials stands between you and the divine realm. You and your crew of diverse characters with special kitchen skills and tidying-up talents need to beat these challenges.

So, it’s not a regular restaurant; you’re stirring up the past to spice up the future. Teamwork makes the dream work in this place, so recruit some standout characters and train them to perfection. By the way, you play a little fairy and meet awesome friends, including the butler Charles.

You try to restore this old eatery to its former glory. Cue the entrance of fairytale folks like Frog Prince, Inugami, Red Queen and others to hop on board as staff. Cooking Wonderland Global also lets you get creative with the decor. Choose from different styles, like a cosy European atmosphere, to make your restaurant stand out.

You can also head out on dreamy adventures across the Dream Spirit Island. There are many random events to explore there. You can hunt for hidden recipes and journey through all sorts of dream-world dilemmas.

Will You Try It Out?

If you’re ready to take a bite of this culinary-meets-fairytale world, check out Cooking Wonderland Global on the Google Play Store. You can also follow them on Facebook for their latest updates and events.

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