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By admin Apr9,2024
Feature image for our Anime Clash Units guide. It shows a rotating globe shape from the Anime Clash lobby.

After some extended extra development time Anime Clash finally touched down. So who made the cut? That’s what we’re here to show! Our Anime Clash Units guide goes over all the units we’ve confirmed in-game.

We’ll also go over the rarity of all of the characters we’ve found, so you know exactly how long you’re going to get stuck rerolling until your most favorite unit will be yours.

Want to play it for yourself? You can pick up the game via Roblox. Want more Anime Clash? We have an Anime Clash Enchants guide for your perusal.

Anime Clash Units Guide

We’ve got the units, and answers to a few tricky questions about the re-release.

Anime Clash Unit List

Here we’ll go over each of the units by rarity. We’re continually updating this as we confirm units in banners and other ways of acquiring units.

Mythic – 0.25% Chance To Roll

  • Demon Ghost
  • Demon King – Melodias
  • Excalibur Ex – Saber Ex
  • Gilgamesh
  • Kirin – Sasuke Uchiha
  • Shadow – Cid
  • Zamayoto – Yamamoto 

Legendary – 4.5% Chance To Roll

  • Crimson Emperor – Shanks
  • Explosion
  • Golden Guy
  • King
  • Trafulgar – Trafalgar Law

Epic – 15% Chance To Roll

  • Beast Boy – Naruto
  • Kamui – Obito
  • Pride – Escanor
  • Santoryo – Zoro
  • Zon – Gon Freecss

Rare – 30% Chance To Roll

  • Fairy Girl
  • Point
  • Reaper – Ichigo Kurosaki
  • White Arrow

Common – 50% Chance To Roll

  • Ape Prince – Vegeta
  • Bald Boy – Krillin
  • Dragon Warrior – Gohan
  • Rad

What Happened To Love Zamayoto?

Players who powered through the pre-release AFK grind for the exclusive Love Zamayoto unit might return to the game to find they’ve lost this special unit. Was all the waiting in vain? Well, yes and no. According to the developers on the official Discord, Love Zamayoto is probably gone for good, but those who managed to earn the unit will get a new exclusive unit soon, possibly one inspired by Delta from Eminence in Shadow.

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