Invincible might have had to sidestep its Spider-Man cameo, but the parody it went with is already a playable mod

By admin Apr7,2024

Invincible had its season 2 finale this week, and while it couldn’t pull off the comic’s Spider-Man cameo, the show’s parody version is now a playable mod.

Spoilers ahead for both the comic version and show version of Invincible.

Fans were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Invincible’s season 2 finale earlier this week, and not just because they were excited to see the comic’s events unfold on screen. In the original comic, there’s a scene where Mark Grayson, Invincible himself, is warping from universe to universe as he’s fighting villain Angstrom, and in one particular panel you can see Spider-Man’s arm, as a fun little nod to the character. Previous Spider-Man voice actor Josh Keaton had even teased that he was set to appear in Invincible, so fans were wondering if he would be reprising the role as a cameo. As it turns out, though, he actually played Agent Spider, a character that is definitely not Spider-Man.

It’s not very surprising that the actual Spider-Man didn’t make an appearance, given how much of a rights nightmare that would be (even if they did have an official team-up comic later down the line), but surprisingly quickly after the episode aired, a mod was made for Insomniac’s Spider-Man that lets you wear an Agent Spider suit. The mod was made by modder reza825, who appears to have made several Spider-Man suit mods in the past. What’s most surprising is the speed at which the mod was made, as it was released only a day after the episode had aired. So, even if Invincible couldn’t bring in Spider-Man, at least Spider-Man could bring in Invincible.

Right now, most fans of Insomniac’s take on Spider-Man are waiting to hear more about its upcoming Wolverine game – which yes, is set in the same universe as the web slinger.

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