You’ve got a couple more days to grab vampire survival game V Rising for $20 before its price nearly doubles

By admin Apr3,2024

Vampire survival game V Rising has been kicking around in early access for a couple of years now, so there’s a good chance you may have already picked it up. If you haven’t but are curious to give it a go, you might want to grab it sooner than later. Ahead of the game’s full 1.0 launch, its price tag will be permanently raised to almost twice its previous cost.

Developers Stunlock confirmed that the game’s Steam price would increased from $19.99 to $34.99 on April 5th, justifying the decision by pointing at the amount of content and development that had been put into the Valheim-y survival title over its two years in early access.

“When we launched into Early Access back in May 2022, we made V Rising available for its current price with the understanding that we were delivering a game still in development,” Stunlock wrote in a Steam blog post. “After two years in Early Access, five years of development, and significant progress in the game, the price will now be increased to reflect its full value.”

Even in its unfinished state, V Rising made a good impression on Ed, who found it to be a enjoyable collection of crafting, survival and exploration mechanics in a familiar yet polished package.

Two vampires prepare to do battle, armed with a sword, daggers and fire, in V Rising's 1.0 launch trailer
Image credit: Stunlock Studio

Since its early access launch, the game has reworked magic, added new areas inspired by non-vampiric creatures and expanded its bestiary of beasties and bosses for players to take on. You can also build a castle!

1.0, which is due out on May 5th, will make further tweaks to endgame PvP, shake up armour and gear for better class specialisation, and offer better visuals and performance alike. Stunlock have made clear that it won’t be a case of 1.0-and-done, either, as they plan to keep working on new features and additions for as long as the game remains popular enough.

With a lot more in the game already, and more to come in 1.0’s whopping update – including a Castlevania crossover at launch – Stunlock seem confident that you’ll still be getting your money’s worth – even at almost twice the price. Even so, if you already own V Rising or grab it before April 5th, you’ll get everything at the original price anyway. The price of DLC packs won’t change, either, so you can wait on those for now.

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