Experts Are Spilling ALL Their Thoughts on Disney’s WEIRDEST Souvenirs

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Disney souvenirs may be some of the most popular merchandise in the world.

The Emporium in Magic Kingdom

There are some awfully cute items you can buy in the parks to have as keepsakes. However, we also know that Disney has sold some pretty unhinged souvenirs as well. You may remember the strange spaghetti Stitch, the creepy alien keychains, gross sticky dinosaur toys, and the bags that stare into our souls, just to name a few. We’ve seen some odd souvenirs here at DFB, but we had to know what the WEIRDEST Disney souvenir our readers have heard of. SPOILER — things get a little odd from here.

We asked our readers on Facebook what the weirdest Disney souvenir they own is, and honestly, a lot of the items people shared seemed pretty normal to us (maybe that says more about us). Some were funny, while others were cute and sentimental. But yes, some are weird, and we completely understand how and why they now own that piece of Disney’s “history.” So shall we dive in?

Cinderella Castle

Weird Drink Memorabilia

There were a couple of readers who mentioned that some lounges in Disney World sell some of the strangest souvenirs. Oddly enough, Disney’s Polynesian Resort happens to be the location for the two lounges our readers visited to receive their weird Disney souvenirs. You might have heard of Tambu Lounge and Trader Sam’s Grog Gotto. These are the settings for our first two stories.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Dan told us about the wooden back scratcher that he got from Tambu Lounge. Yes. He shared, “It came with a delicious drink named….wait for it….the Backscratcher.” 😂 Yep! The Backscratcher has been on the menu at Tambu Lounge for a long time, but OK, it is very strange to get a back scratcher from a lounge that serves drinks and food!

Tambu Lounge

Next, Katy mentioned that over at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, she found herself in possession of a giant nautilus sculpture, aka the container her drink came it. We gotta say, we would find this much weirder if we didn’t know it came from Trader Sam’s. This lounge is known for its off-the-wall cups and tiki mugs. A giant nautilus seems rather tame if we’re being honest!

Nautilus drink

Historical Items from Visits Past

These next few we have a hard time calling “weird” because we may or may not have found similar items lying around our homes. Keeping hotel keys, park tickets, and fastpasses from trips long ago are some of the cheapest and easiest souvenirs to collect! Plus, if you have old enough items, they may become historical artifacts one day. If you have a Fastpass ticket lying around, you might want to frame that thing.

Paper FastPass tickets were used all around the world, including at Tokyo Disney Resort

Another reader, Tammy, shared that she still has a large stuffed animal souvenir from 1995! She said she got a Goofy toy that is FIVE feet tall! First, we’re impressed you kept a stuffed animal for so long. Second, that is adorable. A five-foot-tall Goofy sounds like the best friend ever.

Hi, Goofy!

Locks of Hair?

Yep, you read that right. One of our readers shared that she has a lock of hair tucked away as a souvenir from Disney World. But don’t worry, she didn’t cut any of Chewbacca’s hair. Nope, this is a much cuter story. Liz shared that she has “locks of hair mixed with glitter from [her] son’s first haircut at Harmony Barber Shop.” We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Harmony Barber Shop

A first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom is one of the cutest ways to commemorate that special event! We are pro-saving that lock of hair (but please, do NOT cut any of the character’s hair).

Debt…Lots and Lots of Debt

We had to end with a funny, yet accurate “souvenir” you might find back at home with you. Michael shared a bit of sad truth when he added, “a mountain of Credit Card Debt” to our Facebook post. We hope that your trip doesn’t cost you a hole of debt you can’t climb out of.


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Disney World’s Most Cringe-Worthy Souvenirs



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What is the weirdest Disney souvenir that you own? Tell us about it in the comments!

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