Terraria will add roller skates for super-fast building and 2D grinding in its “final stretch” of updates

By admin Apr2,2024

Terraria is apparently entering the “final stretch” of updates for the 2D crafting and exploration game (though whether this will actually be it remains to be seen), and it looks like developers Re-Logic are seeing off their 2D Minecraft-a-like in style. Emphasis on the ssssstyle.

Teasing some new features arriving with update 1.4.5, described as being the game’s final major update – just like the last few “final” updates over the last nine (!) years – Re-Logic dropped that roller skates would be added as a new bit of traversal gear, letting you get your Jet Set Radio on as you whizz around maps. You’ll even be able to place blocks and build while you zoom around on wheels, and grind along any rails you’ve placed – a secret OlliOlli spin-off, perhaps?

As well as the fun of roller skates to play with, 1.4.5 will have some helpful changes, including an apparently long-requested tweak to banners – decorations that buff nearby players against the type of enemy on the banner. Instead of clogging up your valuable inventory space, any banners you earn will be able to be claimed and placed from the menu, so you don’t have to drag a bunch of different banners around with you.

Though Re-Logic have dropped various teases of what to expect from 1.4.5, the team say even they’re still not sure exactly what else the big update will include – or when it will arrive, just yet. “As always, the timing will be ‘when it’s ready’”, the latest dev blog states, adding the news that over 100,000 player-made packs and worlds have been released through the game’s Steam Workshop library.

The player uses the menu to place a skeleton banner in Terraria's 1.4.5 update
Image credit: Re-Logic

Re-Logic head Andrew Spinks previously said that Terraria’s endless cycle of claiming an update will be its last only to keep on going – something that’s been happening since at least 2015 – was due to the game’s enduring popularity. In the almost-decade since, the team have added expanded mod support, golf, thousands of items, crossovers with other games like Don’t Starve and Dead Cells, and much more.

Will 1.4.5 actually break the cycle and let Terraria – and its long-working creators – breathe? (Or, more accurately, as Spinks suggested, working on a second project.) We’ll presumably find out… eventually.

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